Four Cornerstones Of The Moreton Approach


  • All accounts and assets are safekept through an independent third party custodian.
  • Client Retains ownership and control of all assets.
  • Portfolio securities are selected from inventories of several brokers through bid/ask process.
  • Clients include: cities, counties, school districts, credit unions and corporations.


  • Detailed online reports that track, quantify and verify portfolio decisions.
  • Flat-fee pricing with NO commissions or other transaction costs.
  • Regular face-to-face account reviews.
  • Separate statements received from the custodian and asset manager.


  • Moreton is an SEC-registered investment advisory firm.
  • Bloomberg technology support.
  • Portfolios are custom-tailored to each client's risk tolerance and liquidity needs.
  • Dynamic compliance software helps ensure adherence to investment policy guidelines.
  • Investment policy statement is regularly reviewed and compared to portfolio composition.


  • An established firm with an experienced team of fixed income experts.
  • A trusted reputation and a track record we are proud of.
  • Decades of combined experience through all phases of the business/economic cycle.
  • Team has thorough knowledge of the industry rules and regulations.